New Prototype for Custom Putter

  • Doing a very limited number of a classic design in carbon steel.

    I was fortunate enough to have worked with a company in the past that had some heads milled out of a Texas facility in the classic style that almost everyone knows about.  When I inquired about using some of them for MannKrafted projects, the president of that company was very gracious. He gave me his blessing to create some custom looks on a limited number of heads.  This is my opportunity to give the guys who are supporters of what I do, a chance to have a hand in creating exactly what they want, in the style of a putter that has been a staple in the world of flat sticks for many years.

    The heads are milled from 1018 CR Steel and can be built with the neck, stamping and finish of your choice.  The two pictured here were both done in a Raw Arizona Hi-Heat, but I controlled the temperature and exposure times to get very different results.  I am also offering  them in gorgeous Triple-Sheen Black Oxide or your choice of a zero-maintenance matte black polymer finish that gives the putter a Bad Guy Black look in a matte finish that, if simply protected by our MannKrafted cover, will look great for seasons to come.  I have other colors of polymer available, just ask when you inquire about the putter.

    I have the pictures nearly ready for the site, but will share a couple here so you know how they will look with two different neck choices, the standard plumbers neck or a FlatSide Flow Neck. 

    Inquire for current availability and cost.  I think you will be surprised.

    When they are put on the "CUSTOM PUTTERS" page, they will go fast, so don't wait if you want your best shot at one of these gems.

    Have a great 2014 and thanks for stopping by,

    LaMont Mann

    MannKrafted Custom Milled Putters

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