There are two ways to get started customizing the putter of your dreams.  We have a few popular models that I like to use as a base to build upon, they are below.  The models that have been my base are the "044" Mallet, a Blade-style, like the Express or Kustom Garage Blade, and more recently, the MA/66. When you start to envision your MannKrafted-built putter, the options offered thru my company are seldom seen in the putter world.  On most models, you choose the neck style, the stamping in key areas, the final head weight of the putter, the finish and even, in most cases, you can choose the face milling from a very vast offering of styles and depths.  Where it is appropriate, you can also choose from a selection of metals for the putter head, itself.   I want this to be the putter that you have always seen when you closed your eyes and let your mind see that "perfect putter", while at the same time, I want to craft the very best-built, best performing putter you have never dreamed of owning.

There is also, from time to time, a very limited number of custom one off putters that we have in stock available to ship immediately.   Those putters are located in a recent addition, the "SPEC PUTTERS" section that you can access thru the link at the top of the page.

The most popular option is browse the site, get a feel for what can be created and work directly with me to bring your putter to life.  You can also check out the gallery to further inspire your next dream putter.  If you have something different in mind simply shoot me an email at and we will get the ball rolling.  I am sure you will find this an extremely refreshing experience.  We'll talk to you soon.

For those who see the putter they desire, but have tastes that run into the exotic metals, mixed metals or premium levels of design, I ask that you contact me directly and we can discuss what metals are available at the time and what options we have for special ordering materials.  Stepping it up a level when you are ready is part of what we do on the premium materials.  To date, we have done several copper billet hand mades, a few using Damascus steel produced here in the USA and even an incredibly gorgeous Rattler-styled putter using Mokume' Gane".  The Mokume is a material forged from brass, copper and nickel into a single billet that is probably the most striking material ever used in the putter world.  Gene Nead pioneered its use as a head material and produces some of the most beautiful billets available, today.