• MA/55 Custom Putter

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  • Description

    This may well be the design I have had in my mind for the past several years, just now coming to market in a beautiful head shape.  I found my hand-drawn design for this, model, shortly after the heads arrived.  The drawing was dated 2015.  It is funny how the idea had been in my head, but I had been unable to hand mill it, until the time was right.
    This putter is unique in the fact that it has three separate surfaces on the sole, much like similarly shaped heads on the market.  However, there are only two real planes used.  The planes that make up the heel and toe are actually two sections of the same radius.  The center of the sole is a flat plane, all its own.  So, yes, it has three surfaces, but could honestly be called a Split Radius Sole, or SRS.
    My first run was all done in 303SS, but now I have a very  limited number of heads machined out of 1018 CR Steel.  There has not been time to build any of the carbon heads, yet.  I'll be doing a couple spec pieces using "XX1" and "XX2" to identify them and use two different neck styles.  I have used 303SS heads for these pictures, but will add some of the carbon builds, as soon as they are completed.
    The first ten carbon steel heads designated for custom builds have been numbered and are ready for order.  Download the spec sheet, fill out what you are certain of and email it back to me at lamont@mannkrafted.com and we can get the ball rolling.