• MA/55 Custom Putter

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  • Description

    This may well be the design I have had in my mind for the past several years, just now coming to market in a beautiful headshape.  I found my hand-drawn design for this, about two weeks after forwarding a CAD solid model of this current version, to my CNC connection, here in Phoenix.  It is funny how the idea had been in my head, but I had been unable to hand mill it, until the time was right.

    This putter is unique in the fact that it has three separate surfaces on the sole, much like similarly shaped heads on the market.  However, there are only two real planes used.  The planes that make up the heel and toe are actually two sections of the same radius.  The center of the sole is a flat plane, all its own.  So, yes, it has three surfaces, but could honestly be called a Split Radius Sole, or SRS.

    The original offering here is only going to have 15 total pieces in 303SS available for builds.  The exact putters in the pictures here will be available to purchase in the Spec Putters page, here on my site.  I have used these pictures more to show some of the options and looks, using different necks, finishes and custom masking on the sole.

    Each of the first 9 pieces will come with a very limited Prototype MA/55 headcover, made by EP Headcovers out of Atlanta, GA.   They will be one of only 10 of this design ever made exactly like this.   The stitching on future covers will be reduced and text changed to keep these covers unique in their design, for all future builds.

    At this time, I have just fifteen of these heads in stock and all are 303SS.  The carbon steel material is at my CNC guy and when they are completed, I will update the site with some pictures of a few spec builds.