Custom Putters by MannKrafted


    Welcome to MannKrafted Kustom Milled Putters.

    March 12, 2017

    This site is changing, daily, so please visit often in the coming weeks. 

    I am adding some pages that will make purchasing and owning a MannMade or MannKrafted Putter much easier and faster.  Check out the "Spec Putters" page starting on Monday, March 18 for some of the putters that I have built over the past few seasons and have never shown or offered, here or anywhere else.  If you have visited my shop, some of them may look familiar.

    We do it different at MannKrafted, when compared to many putter companies, but I believe that this single change will be one of the best moves I could have made.

    The world of custom putters is a great place to explore.  My goal over the next weeks is to make my site a place that offers something new, with every visit.

    Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the experience.

    LaMont Mann

    MannKrafted Kustom Milled Putters, Founder and Craftsman