• Sugar Skull Driver/FW/Hybrid covers. Dual Color Layouts

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  • Description

    To serve golfers who are more interested in stark contrasting colors, every time I place a putter cover order, we do the Sugar Skull wood covers in new contrasting colorways.  They are the same high quality covers that are done in the full color scheme, here on the site and will fit all of the same clubs. The response to this design has been nothing short of amazing to me.  When my wife turned our kitchen into Sugar Skull mania, who would have seen this coming? ;)

    The only difference between these covers and the original Sugar Skulls, is the addition of a new colorway in contrasting black with turquoise stitching.

    As with most of my head covers, the numbers are limited and these will likely sell out in short order.  If you like what you see, don't hesitate.  We are doing our best to keep stock flowing in as quickly as we can, but we are at the mercy of our supplier who is doing his best to keep up as his business explodes.

    *Unfortunately, we sold out of the Black and Turquoise FW, just filling pre-orders.  There will be more in the next arriving order, but currently, only the driver and hybrid covers are available in that combination.

    Thank you very much for stopping in and I look forward to hearing how these have shipped, from my wife who is doing all she can to keep the orders flowing out as fast as they come in.