About MannKrafted

Every putter I make has a piece of me, somewhere in the build.   When you believe in your abilities, you trust your heart and act in faith.   When you are confident in your vision, you stay true to yourself and refuse to follow the latest fads.  When you are uncompromising, second best never crosses your mind. If this sounds like something you can relate to, please keep reading.

Putters are a passion that drive me to do what I do. I have always felt that the putter is the most personal club in your golf bag. However, most golf companies are so far removed from putting their hands on the metal and working to create what the golfer needs- its just becomes completely impersonal.  I have played the game of golf for over 40 years and have found that one of the greatest products of the game is the relationships that develop through playing, designing and finally producing a club that starts as an idea and becomes exactly what the new owner envisioned.  The people you meet through golf are genuine and honest.  When you spend several hours meeting someone on a golf course it is easy to get a sense of who they are.  When you play a round with someone you feel closer because you have been on a journey and accomplished something with them.  That is the feeling I strive to recreate when we build a putter together. 

My pride comes from knowing if there is a putter out there with the MannKrafted or MannMade stamp, it was made at my shop with my hands. Call me a throw back or call me old school but it seems a lot of companies have forgotten the pride and responsibility that comes from putting your name on something.

To me, it is so important that here at MannKrafted, we stick to our original values and maintain our quality. That’s why all of our putters are made with 100% American made parts. The steel comes from Arizona, Texas or Colorado.  My standard grips, the PURE Grips line, are manufactured less than 30 minutes from the shop where most of my putters are milled.  And, even my covers are USA-made by either EP Headcovers out of Atlanta, Georgia, or AM&E, made right here in Tempe, AZ.  Could we do it cheaper- obviously. But, this has never been about doing things the cheap way.

The big point is pride in workmanship and honesty to all of our customers.   This craft isn’t something I went to school for, it’s not a skill you can learn in a classroom. I used to sneak down into my grandfather's shop and take his old, rusty old tools to a bench grinder with a wire wheel to them clean them all up and make a new tool again. I just thought that was so cool. I just loved working with metal and that has never changed.

Maybe it’s different for us here at MannKrafted, but we take pride in knowing all of our customers. I think THAT is one of the things that sets us apart. I believe it’s different when you know who the club is being made for. We know what is important to you and how to make that putter fit every aspect of your game.  It is different for you when you have email or phone conversations with the guy actually building your putter.  We send text updates with progress of the putter and make sure it turns out just how you envisioned. 

Every part of the putter means something. From the way it looks and sets up. The way it feels, the weight, the neck, toe flow, offset, shaft and grip are made to fit that person. It matters who makes the putter, who forges the putter, who hand shapes the putter, who stamps the putter. It matters to me because it’s my name that goes on it.

I always go back to my original dream which is to take a block of steel and turn it into someone’s pride and joy- it’s YOUR putter.


-LaMont Mann