• "Sharky" the Titanium Divot Tool/Bottle Opener

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    These tools have been a hit and I love the fact that we are able to use a material that is often seen in drivers, but seldom seen in the accessories.   Titanium is a great material for this tool, due to its strength to weight ratio and the "Cool Factor" of Ti, ;).

    The tool will open a non-screw on bottle, as well as most screw-on types, with testing so far.  The two-prong repair tool needs to be used with care on turf, to keep the golf superintendents from having more damage done than repair of the ball marks we make on our good shots.

    Stamping will be done with numbered designation in the spot where this one is marked "1", the eye and gills are standard, as is the single dot out on the nose.  MANN MADE is standard and will be surrounded by various dots to be colored as bubbles around the lettering. 

    I'll be numbering the first fifty and after that, they will be simply marked MANN MADE with the dots for bubbles.

    Thank you for viewing this new tool and I look forward to shipping them out!

  • "Sharky" the Titanium Divot Tool/Bottle Opener
  • "Sharky" the Titanium Divot Tool/Bottle Opener

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