New Prototype for Custom Putter

  • New Model that will be up, soon. "ONE-14", blend of a few favorites.

    I milled the prototype for this one, back in October and it sat with a 303 SS neck for a while, until the true look of what it was supposed to be showed itself.  The head was screaming for a double-bend shaft, slipped over an aluminum, threaded-in stub and made to find a home in my bag.

    The brass head is absolutely gorgeous and it feels very soft.  The milling does not kill the feel, at all and gives great feedback.  I played my first round of 2014 with this one and the factor that grabbed me was that I had no worries about rust or corrosion......ever.  

    When I milled this head shape, I was trying to blend the look of two classic putters and put a few touches that were my own mind's work.  I think I hit it pretty well and am looking forward to milling another out of the brass and using carbon steel for a welded plumbers neck model, soon to follow.  I have made a version out of carbon steel, but it left before I had a chance to truly get a feel for what I had created.

    Look for this one to become a model offered on the "CUSTOM PUTTERS" page, very soon. 

    LaMont Mann

    MannKrafted Custom Milled Putters, Founder/Designer/Fabricator

    As close to a 100% Arizona-made putter as is possible and proud of that fact.

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