New Prototype for Custom Putter

  • Prototype of new "Manhattan" model ships for New York City

    I recently met with a customer at Hot Stix Golf in Scottsdale and was lucky enough to watch him go thru their in-depth putter fitting process.  He had been demo'ing a pair of my handmades and before purchasing a putter, we both felt he needed to get the exact numbers that would benefit him the very most.  Though he does not get to play as often as he would like, he manages to keep a single-digit handicap and has a swing that many would be jealous of.

    Following his fitting, using my new 2014 Rattler, he made the choice to purchase a pair of putters!  One of his choices was a Rattler, same as he was fit with, the other style he was looking for was one I had yet to craft.  He wanted a blade putter that had shaped shoulders, less dramatic bumpers, a narrow face to rear width and a high toe.  His stroke and eye dominance set him up for a plumbers neck and when it came to feel, carbon steel was the perfect material.

    Armed with his prescription for loft/lie/length and a weight that felt perfect to him, I headed back to the mill and went to work.  He was updated at every turn and it was a lot of fun to send him pix and get his comments in return texts, when he had time to respond.  He is a very busy guy and he made the most of his replies, for sure.

    What you are seeing in these pictures is the result of many hours of work, a great deal of hand-shaping and working with one of the best welders I have yet to meet.

    Look for this new model to be offered on the "CUSTOM PUTTERS" page as soon as I have refined it ever so slightly and am ready for orders.

    Thanks for checking in and until it is posted, if you are interested in this model, feel free to contact me directly and ask any questions you may have.

    Have a great season,

    LaMont Mann

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