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    We are excited to announce our annual MannKrafted Kustom Garage sale.  Each year we have a handful of putters that never make it out of the shop for one reason or another.  These consist of unique Prototypes or 1 of 1 handmade editions that we decided to hang on to.  Well, this year we decided to give these putters a chance to make it out of the shop and find a wonderful new owner.  Let's get down to what putters are available in this year's Kustom Garage Sale.

    MannKrafted 1st Rattler 1 of 1




    The first putter available is one that we have had in the shop for almost two years.  The First Rattler is LaMont's take on a very classic design.  The feel is incredible and is one of the softest putters LaMont has created to date.  The First Rattler is a plumber’s neck version of the flat bumpered Rattler model.  It is milled out of 1018 Cold Rolled Steel with a hand-welded neck.  The putter weighs 350 grams and has an aggressive face milling and some very basic stamping to identify it as the First Rattler.  This is the first and only Rattler model that LaMont ever finished in the Teflon infused nickel.  The grip was made by a local company in Scottsdale, Patrick Gibbons Handmades, and is lizard skin.  This is truly a one-of-a kind piece that can either be a daily gamer or in the putter display in your man cave.  

    This putter has a great feel, weight and balance.  This was a putter LaMont created and has never listed it on any site for sale.  This putter has been hanging on the rack at the shop and has been part of LaMont’s personal collection.  Once we decided to hold the "Kustom Garage Sale", LaMont knew this putter needed to be part of the event. 

    SOLD| MannKrafted Looong Snake 1 of 1 Tour Prototype





    The second putter available is the Looong Snake.  The putter was named for the long neck hosel that was designed by Byron Morgan.  It is 100% 1018 Cold Rolled Carbon Steel.  It was made in the form of the MannKrafted Rattler design.  The Looong Snake is the first MannKrafted to have the triple sight lines and triple logos in the cavity.  This putter really called out to LaMont for a little dressing up.  The Looong Snake is unique in the sense that it is getting a second chance at life.  This putter was gamed on the Gateway and Pepsi Tour for a season and is now ready to enjoy a little slower lifestlye.  After a year of grinding on the Tour it is ready for some casual days at the course.  The putter has been completely pampered and restored to better than new condition.  The putter weighs in at 348 grams and has a Super Stroke Ultra Slim grip and gorgeous black chrome shaft.  The face has very nice deep milling ensuring a buttery smooth feel.  It has been finished in a Torch finish giving the putter a ton of character.  If you like long neck putters, the Looong Snake with be your friend.  

    MannKrafted Mid-Mini Bank Bar


    The Mid Mini Bank Bar is a putter that was created shortly after LaMont started making his Micro Mini putters.  It is made from 100% Cold Rolled Carbon Steel with a matching neck.  LaMont wanted to create something between the popular Mini model and the Micro Minis.  The Mid Mini was taken to the wheels and softened a great deal.  It was a putter that LaMont loved the look of out of the gate.  It has all softened bumpers, a full round neck, gentle bends in the neck to give it that smooth flowing neck and all the corners are rounded with everything melted.  It is a real putter, but it is just a lot smaller.  The weight is 338 grams.  It has minimal stamping and marks.  The feature that sets this putter apart from the rest is a little "love bite" due to a slight mishap in the milling.  LaMont decided to leave a little evidence and it looks just like a little smile out on the toe.  The Mid Mini melts together and is one of the smoothest looking putters around.  This is just a gorgeous putter waiting to make its new owner very happy.  

    SOLD| MannKrafted Shadow Line Stealth Mini 1 of 1 w/ Salty Cork Grip





    This design was inspired by the Bank Bar Mini.  LaMont wanted to create a putter that was slightly shorter and a little boxier.  It is milled out of 100% Cold Rolled Carbon Steel with a Carbon Steel neck.  It is finished in a black oxide with very faint sight lines on the bumpers a ball width apart.  It is a great putter for guys who can go either way with sight lines- they are there when you want them and they can hide when you don't want to focus on them.  The only markings on the putter that designate it as a MannKrafted are the 5 dot logo on the face.  The weight on the putter is 348 grams.  It has approximately 4:30 toe hang.  It is definitely a rare putter in the sense that it is a mini and there just aren't a lot on the market.  As LaMont likes to say, "It's as cute as putters come".  This putter was fitted with a Salty cork oversized grip giving the smaller putter a great feel and stroke.  

    MannKrafted Long Slope 1 of 1 Prototype




    This is another unique putter.  The Long Slope was created from two different metals.  The neck is 303 Stainless and the head was done in 1018 Cold Rolled Carbon Steel.  The neck was polished to a high mirror finish.  The head was also polished and then treated with a glass bead misring and a media blast with aluminum oxide and finished off with a black oxide finish.  This gives the Long Slope a beautiful triple black finish with three different sheens.  The head was milled in the style of a Fatt Rattler with a wider footprint.  It is slightly heavier than a traditional putter and weighs in at 370 grams.  The neck is very unique in the fact that it is a handmade Long Slant neck that was welded and then bent to a perfect lie angle of 70* and 4* loft.  This is something you just don't see any other guys attempt to make a Long Slant neck.  This one was a challenge but incredibly fulfilling to create.  This putter was made as a prototype and is one of LaMont's personal favorites.  The new owner will truly have a one-of-a kind flat stick.  

    MannKrafted Wide Body Center Shafted Arizona Mallet




    This single flange wide body blade flows from heel to toe.  This was an original MannKrafted design back from 2009.  LaMont recently decided to take another crack at this design.  He used 1018 Cold Rolled Carbon Steel for the head and neck.  This model has a slightly bigger footprint with 1-5/8" wide giving the player a very confident look standing above it.  With the rear flange being parallel to the face, it gives it an extremely balanced solid feel and look.  There is hardly anyone in the game today making center shafted handmade putters.  This model recently went to a tour player in Texas and within the first week of arriving was used to defeat a former British Open Champion in tournament play.  That was a beautiful message to receive :)  The weight is 360 grams.  The Wide Body Arizona features a gorgeous torch finish adding a ton of character.  It is set at 69* lie and 4* loft.  It has an aggressive face milling and can be cut to any length for the new owner.  

    MannKrafted Super Sport 1 of 1 Prototype




    This is one of LaMont's favorite putters to date.  It has so many features that make it unique.  It is called the Super Sport.  It has an aggressive stance.  If you look at it from the face side you will notice that the toe slopes out away from the player giving it a very aggressive stance.  This putter was inspired by another one of LaMont's passions- hot rods.  LaMont loves driving fast, loud noises and old muscle cars.  This putter was inspired by an American Classic- the Chevrolet Chevelle.  The Chevelle had the nose that sloped away from the driver and then it came back on the hood.  The Super Sport head is milled from 100% Cold Rolled Carbon Steel.  The hosel is a hand bent mid-slant with one full shaft of offset.  The hosel itself was spun from a rod of 303 Stainless Steel polished to a mirror finish and then welded onto the putter.  The putter was finished in a black oxide so the head took the nice deep rich triple black finish with some areas matte finished, some areas satin and other areas of the head in a high polish.  The Super Sport has some unique logo designs.  The face has the 5 dot logo inside of a circle and is only the second putter to get this unique stamp, Super Sport on the bumpers and 2012 on the heel.  This is a very clean putter that helps in getting your hands in front of the ball without a forward press.  It weighs in at 365 grams.  Whoever picks this one up will not be disappointed.  This putter is a 1 of 1 Prototype and is the first of many MannKrafted Super Sports.  Everyone who has rolled this at the shop absolutely loves the putter.  This is a model you will see for many years to come from MannKrafted.  Own the first, own the original.  

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