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  • Fastest Way to Improve Your Putting

    When you are working on improving your putting there are so many factors that come into play.  You could spend the entire next year watching videos of PGA pros showing different putting drills.  You could spend an hour on the putting green every morning and afternoon.  You could go to a putting clinic at your local course.  The bottom line is every method I have heard of to become a better putter often involves a huge time commitment.  It is by far the hardest part of the game and one where you don't find too many short cuts.  

    Here at MannKrafted something amazing has been happening lately.  We have been getting stories on a weekly basis from new MannKrafted owners.  The emails are very suspicious because they claim to have found the secret to better putting.  These golfers are claiming incredible results in no time flat.  It made us start thinking that we may have found the fastest way to improve a golfers putting.  Here is an email from a client who just got his Fatt Rattler 2012:

    Just a quick note on the new putter.  I have played 2 rounds with it thus far. ( I have been tracking my putts per round for about a year now & on average I’m a hair better than 2 putts per hole.  Average 33 putts per round )
    First round, with barely zero practice on the putting green, I had 31 putts for the round. 
    Second round, which was this past Sunday, I had 28 putts! 
    Absolutely love the Fatt Rattler!  The ball rolls off the blade better than any putter I have ever own.  I’m really starting to develop some confidence with it.
    Thanks a ton!

    Here is what JK had to say about his new flat stick:

    So, how about the quality? Well, the inaugural round happened to be my first ever round at East Lake Golf Club (site of the Tour Championship). I rolled almost 120 feet of putts, taking just 29 putts to shoot a one-under par, 71. This putter is in my bag for good.
    If you are looking for a quick way to shave a few strokes off the scorecard maybe try what Steve and JK did...


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