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  • Scotty Cameron Custom Sonoma- Putter of the Week [PICS]

    Scotty Cameron custom refinish work is how LaMont earned his reputation in the putter business.  He has been doing refinishes for nearly 15 years and has an amazing collection of work.  We decided to start the new year out with a new feature for the blog, Putter of the Week.  Although the refinish work has taken a back seat to a lot of the handmade custom putters MannKrafted is known for we still take on occasional custom work for loyal clients.  This project was pretty cool considering the customization that was done for this Scotty Cameron California Sonoma.  

    LaMont had a customer come to us requesting a new look on a putter that was just sitting in a corner of his golf room, not getting played.  The Scotty Cameron Sonoma from his California series just never made it into his bag so he was looking for something unique.  When someone gives you a total green light to do what you love to do, it is always best to put on your thinking cap and come up with something they never expected.

    The Scotty Cameron Sonoma was first treated to a new neck that was turned on the manual lathe and fit nicely without overpowering the head.  The neck was moved a bit to adjust the toe hang to fit the customer's stroke a little better.  We knew that he wanted to go with a deep milling, but put that on hold because the face was near mint condition.  The original milling on the 2012 Scott Cameron putter series is fairly deep, so if we can preserve work already done, it benefits all involved to do so. 

    Now the fun part, creating a total unique look using the stock head, that looks nothing like a stock Scotty Cameron.  Through several drawings, the "B-back" look kept screaming at LaMont.  The length of the Scotty Cameron Sonoma is generous and can certainly handle the hand work.  The depth from face to rear edge of the flange is also sufficient to make this idea a keeper.  LaMont bit the bullet, did one last drawing and sent a copy to the customer.  He absolutely loved the concept.

    The Scotty was now off to the band saw, belt sander and mill for some serious work.  All three tools played their roles perfectly and when LaMont had the shape he wanted, he refined the new neck and headed for the welding table.  We have one of the best young welders in the state doing all the MannKrafted work, Mr. Josh Eastburn.  He has serious skills and has not shied away from a challenge, yet.  

    For the final finish, we went with simple Silver Mist.  It will look great for a long time and requires no upkeep.  Good for the guy who likes to game his putters, not baby them, LOL.

    The customer could not believe how sweet it looked when it arrived.   When he put it in play, his response was even better.  

    LaMont doesn't do as much custom work as he used to, but when a project comes along that really gives him the chance to showcase his imagination he loves to jump on those.  Here are a few pics of how the putter turned out.



    Thanks for stopping by the site and keep rolling the rock towards the hole.  


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