New Prototype for Custom Putter

  • MannKrafted Hand Milled "Mini" Putter

    I have noticed a lot of my clients lately share the desire to roll a little smaller head.  Noticing this new trend for "mini" putters, I have been on the leading edge making handmades in several different sizes for every need or preference.  This one is the one that really stands out in my mind when I think of "Cool Putters I have made".

    It is milled from 1018 Cold Rolled Carbon Steel and the entire putter is either hand milled on a manual mill or hand spun on a manual lathe.  I have one of the premier welders in the state doing my welding and his work on this one is as good as it gets, IMHO.

    The putter was made to be somewhere between a mallet and a blade, with the goal of toe hang being near 4 O'clock.  We hit about 3:45 and managed to keep it just a shade over 350 grams, prior to the face milling being done for loft.  That is the area that still has some work to be done, with a trio of inserts being press-fit into the face, then milled to give it a unique look and feel.  


    I feel that the size of putters, over the past twenty years has gotten a little on the LARGE end of what is reasonable and am doing my part to bring back a compact look without sacrificing feel or craftsmanship, in any way, shape or form.

    The mid-slant neck on this one creates 1/2 shaft of offset and sets up exactly as the customer was hoping to see.  I may still trim the height of the hosel cup, but small adjustments like that will come as the final look is discussed and agreed upon between the new owner and I.


    Keep checking back as this one is set for a trip for some very cool engraving and when it is back in my hands, we'll have one extremely unique and cool putter.

    LaMont in AZ

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