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  • Custom Putter MannKrafted Style... C'est la Vie

    Every once and awhile you get the opportunity to do something way outside the box.  This putter was built for a return customer.  He loves his Esperanza, but like any putter junkie, he wanted to add something new to his arsenal.  The 2012 C'est la Vie Prototype is very unique  in that it has a 1018 Carbon Steel face and a back flange of 6061 Aluminum.  Here are a couple of pics of how the putter started:


    The shaping took a couple of close efforts before they were able to nail down the exact look they wanted.  The flow of the lines on the flange help keep the stroke focused in the direction of the hole, while the carbon steel blade gives it a great feel at impact.  LaMont used a stub welding and a double bend true temper shaft.  The stub allows for easier adjustments to the lie angle without having to mess with bending the shaft.   The C'est La Vie Prototype is face balanced and has a deep milled putter face.  The weight of the putter is on the heavier side but is very well balanced and has a great stroke to it.  


    This putter was an absolute blast for LaMont to make.  She turned out stunning.  The customer was amazing to work with and was very involved through the process.  It is always fun to bring something like this together.  This was actually an interesting putter because we had to look up the USGA rules and make sure it was conforming.  This is only putter we could think that had screws in the face.  This one was a tough putter to see leave the shop but as the doctor who ordered it would say- C'est la Vie.  

    You can check out the final pictures here: 2012 MannKrafted C'est la Vie Prototype

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