New Prototype for Custom Putter

  • MannKrafted Mini Putters and the Mystery of the finish eating bacteria...

    LaMont started on a new mini today.  It will be a set of mini's- a Super Sport and a Weavers Needle.  It's Sunday so he wanted to cut loose and have a little fun with these guys. 


    LaMont was going to create another version of the Mini Super Sport he created a couple months back.  We didn't have the putter on hand so we had to try and track it down in a file of about 2,000 putter pics.  As much fun as it was to go through all those pics- LaMont has made some absolute gems over the years- we came to the realization that we didn't have the pic.  It must still be on a camera or on another computer because it was no where to be found.  So, typical LaMont, he just starts going to work creating it from feel and memory.  

    It was around this time that we noticed one of the putters sitting on the bench had a case of finish eating bacteria.  The gorgeous torch finish LaMont had just completed the day before was simply missing from about a dime size circle behind the neck.  It was about this time I noticed a reddish substance on the glove right behind the putter head.  Why would this be sitting on the bench right next to the completed putters?  The bigger question LaMont and I were try to solve is where did unknown substance come from.  After looking at every bottle within 10 feet we still had not found the culprit.  It was around this time LaMont noticed the slice of pizza sitting on the shelf above.  We found the source of the mystery goop- pizza sauce.  The acidity from the sauce stripped the finish right off the putter.  So, keep that in mind if you are ever in a pinch and don't have acetone grab tomato sauce from the fridge. 

    After solving the mystery of the finish eating bacteria LaMont was able to mill the rough topline and shoulders for the Super Sport.  We called it an early day so he could catch the Diamondbacks game with his wife.  We will keep you updated on the progress of the mini-project.  


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