Putter Fitting

MannKrafted was formed to fill a void in the putter marketplace because no one was catering to the high-end custom putter market to fit individuals.  With as much emphasis on the fit of golf clubs today hardly anyone focuses on the fit of a putter.  LaMont has studied hundreds of different putting strokes and has found patterns with golfers.  

LaMont has developed putters to address the exact issues most golfers run into.  Unlike some of the bigger putter brands LaMont is committed to building unique models fit for certain swing types.  Most golf brands have tried to build clubs that will work for everyone and as a result they have created putters that are fit for virtually no one.  

Here are a few good points to consider when purchasing a MannKrafted putter.  

  1. Height and Inseam- It seems like common sense to think that all tall players need longer putters.  This can be true but if a taller player picks up a lot of their height with their torso, the length might very well be the same as a much shorter player with longer legs.
  2. Distance from second knuckle on middle finger, to the ground.  I know this seems like an unusual measurement but we have found this to be a very accurate measurement.  This plays a critical role in the length of the putter, measuring approximately how far your hands are from the ground, when addressing the ball will ensure a consistent and repeatable stroke.
  3. How would you describe your stroke path- Do you have a stroke that is arced or more of a "straight back, straight thru"?  Do you like a smooth stroke or are you more of a "pop" putter?
  4. Distance from tip of middle finger to the base of that finger.  This allows us to incorporate the grip as part of the feel and design of the putter.  It is a question centered around grip but also plays a part when combined with the weight and length of the putter.  Larger hands on a longer putter usually will want a heavier head weight. 
  5. What putter do you currently roll?  Do you know the length and head weight?  Your input regarding feel and look will help determine if you are looking to stay in a similar style or or if we are going in a new direction.
  6. What speed of the greens do you play most often?  A heavier putter on fast greens can make speed control very difficult.
  7. Alignment Lines & Site Dots- A lot of the success in putting is determined by the way you see the putter and your eyes process the sight picture.  A linear thinker might need a sight line or two in the flange, while a more visual style of player will need nothing more than to use the line of the face to aim their putt.
If you are unsure on any of these measurements or simply want to discuss some ideas give Ryan a call today at (480) 382-0590.