LaMont Mann

Growing up in Billings, Montana LaMont fell in love with the art of working with metal.  He used to spend countless hours working with his grandfathers tools transforming rusted old pieces of metal into shiny new objects.  In 1996, LaMont bought his first house which provided him his first workshop.  This is where LaMont began combining his two passions- golf and metal work. 

Over the next decade LaMont worked with several of the leading putter names in golf performing custom work.  After rave reviews and feedback from hundreds of satisfied clients LaMont decided to venture out on his own in 2009.  LaMont launched MannKrafted custom putters and started making 100% handmade putters for a loyal group of putter junkies.  LaMont has built quite the following in the putter cult circles and has converted many loyalist of the other brands over the years.  In the last 3 years MannKrafted has released only a couple hundred limited edition putters.