Custom Putters by MannKrafted


    Custom, hand crafted putters are the ultimate in golf customization.  MannKrafted Custom Putters manufactures every putter with an incredible amount of hand work, to create the best feeling and the best performing putters available on the market.  All MannKrafted putters are created using the highest quality American materials and unrivaled craftsmanship.  Each custom putter is fit to the individual's personal specifications and preferences. You will find MannKrafted custom putters in the hands of top professionals and golf enthusiasts worldwide.

    We work personally with each client, taking their input and my personal dedication in the area of putter crafting to ensure the result is the perfect putter.  From the head, neck and finish, to the shaft and grip, every putter is tailor made with all American materials. Every personalized putter comes with a matching AM&E Ultra-leather head cover or one of our recently designed covers from a great new cover company EP Headcovers, available in various color combinations. My move to EP Headcovers has opened up designs and assistance in that area that promises to be an amazing new horizon for MannMade and MannKrafted.

    If you are lucky enough to have your hands on a MannKrafted, then and only then can you truly appreciate the legend.  

    MannKrafted has always been a business driven by referrals.  Here are a few comments we are proud to share with you:

    "So, how about the quality? Well, the inaugural round happened to be my first ever round at East Lake Golf Club (site of the Tour Championship). I rolled almost 120 feet of putts, taking just 29 putts to shoot a one-under par, 71. This putter is in my bag for good."    -JK

    "I have played 2 rounds with my MannKrafted custom putter thus far. I have been tracking my putts per round for about a year now & on average I’m a hair better than 2 putts per hole.  Average 33 putts per round.  First round, with barely zero practice on the putting green, I had 31 putts for the round.  Second round, which was this past Sunday, I had 28 putts!  Absolutely love the Fatt Rattler!  The ball rolls off the blade better than any putter I have ever own.  I’m really starting to develop some confidence with it.    -Steve

    "I've said it before, and I'll say it again......NOBODY is as good as LaMont at MannKrafted Putters in Arizona.  How a putter looks to the player really DOES make a difference IMO.  My first day out with this beauty I birdied 4 holes on the back nine for 33 at Redstone Tournament Course near Houston."    -Tim

    "LaMont is one of the best men and most honest people that I have ever had dealings with in any business not just golf."   -Ron Bolt

    "I have collected Cameron's for the past seven years and bought numerous basic, plain 009's for $2,400+.  Your putters are not $500 putters! MannKrafted's are $2,500 putters.  Unbelievable!!!    -M. Cahill

    "The feel of this putter is like nothing I've ever used before. I don't know what it is, but the combination of the carbon steel head, face milling, and FF shaft is just awesome. The feedback you get from it is incredible; you know exactly where you missed the sweet spot whenever you make a bad stroke."    -Kevin M

    "I had 27 putts in my last 18 hole round."    -LG

    "I don't even know what to say but THANK YOU.  You nailed the finish, I absolutely love it.  The putter performs even better than it looks!  You, sir, have a very special gift and I'm excited to be a part of it now.  I can't wait to get started on my next putter.  Thanks again."    -Mark

    "Loving the putter.  Actually the first time I used it on the course I shot my lowest round ever 74, prior to that I never even had shot in the 70's.  I had 5 birdies.  Thanks!"      -TJ

    "I made my first birdie attempt on the first hole from about 12 feet.  I rolled the ball well all day."    -Tom

    "Just wanted to send a quick note, it's been a year since I got my High Beam Rattler, and it just gets better with time!!! It's a work of art.      -Steve

    "Thanks to LaMont for being so awesome to work with on this great putter! I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who is considering having a custom putter made." 

    "The performance of the putter so far has been exceptional. I've never had speed control like this before. Every putt seems to end within a couple feet of the hole. Accuracy is great as well; wherever I line up the putt, the ball goes. Even when I mishit putts (which I do fairly often) the ball holds its line.  I've never had confidence in my putting like I do right now with this putter; it's something totally new to me. The feeling that you can make every putt you line up is really awesome, and I don't think I would have that with my old putter."      -JP

    "Another amazing putter crafted by LaMont. Brilliant."    -John

    "I just wanted to show it off and thank LaMont again publicly for his hard work, graciousness, professionalism, time and overall coolness! If you haven't had the pleasure of working with LaMont yet, I highly recommend it! He will do whatever it takes to create exactly what you are looking for and for a very reasonable price." 

    "The MannKrafted putter is great- I made my first three putts with it!!!"    -Doug

    "This putter is one of the nicest putters I have owned to date and just every part of it flows together. The neck, the finish, the black shaft everything about it is better than I could have imagined."    -Ron

    "Some people are not afraid to push the creative button and come up with something original.  Really cool putter."    -Larry

    "LaMont is a genius....a true genius!"    -Jeff

    “I would like to thank LaMont, for the putter he designed and milled to meet my exact specifications. Before working with LaMont on my putter, I tried so many different models and manufacturers but could never find that perfect fit. This putter has the perfect weighting from heel to toe and front to back. The welded plumber’s neck fits my eye for alignment and the deep milled face allows for a soft consistent role. All these attributes along with Lamont's professionalism has made me a huge believer in the product he offers. I thoroughly enjoy the putter especially when I roll in those birdies. Thank you Lamont and MannKrafted Putters.”    -Phillip

    "LaMont has a real passion for the craft of putter building that shows in all his work."