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    This is a new product that I have a huge belief in and support the makers, 100%.  They are local Arizona guys who have gone to great lengths to have their product entirely manufactured right here in the Greater Phoenix area, just like my Mann-Made putters.

    The device is designed to help in three areas of your putting stroke:

    1. Incorrect Swing Path
    A path that is too far to the inside or too far to the outside of your target line creates a glancing strike on the ball. This can cause the ball to start off line, but most often creates a small amount of sidespin that will carry the ball off line after impact and is responsible for only about 15% of off line putts. A path that is directly on your target line through the Impact Zone will result in a square strike and the ball will roll end over end.

    2. Face Angle
    A putter face that is open or closed through the Impact Zone results in the ball starting off line immediately after striking the ball. A face angle that is not square to your target line is responsible for about 85% of off line putts. Keeping a square putter face through impact is a must to ensure the ball starts on line.

    3. Poor Distance Control
    Even a ball that starts on line and rolls true requires the right distance to drop. Missing the sweet spot of the putter can cause a loss of up to 30% of the energy transfer into the ball. Consistently striking the ball in the sweet spot is crucial to having good distance control putt after putt.

    Check out their site, www.tibaputt.com for further explanations of the product and its incredible potential to help your game.

    When you are ready to buy, you can purchase the TIBA Putt right here at MannKrafted.com, just a click is all it takes.

  • TIBA Putt Training Tool
  • TIBA Putt Training Tool
  • TIBA Putt Training Tool

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