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    When I decided to do my own line of putters, back in 2009, I was very fortunate in securing an account with a local company with a big name in the headcover business, AM&E.   I submitted my design of a "Speed Shop" or "Retro" look and waited for their approval.  It came and I was off and running.  If you have one of the original covers, you have a truly rare piece of MannKrafted lore.  If there was more than 50 ever made, I'd be shocked.

    This winter, I had one come in on a putter that was sent for a tune-up and it really took me back.  I made the choice to return to this look as a "stock" cover and offer it as an accessory for guys who liked having multiple covers to choose from, as well as for guys who are not quite ready to make the big purchase of a putter, but like what we stand for and the way we go about our putter building here.

    I don't order in huge quantities, so when they hit the site, for a while there will be single digit covers available.  I am ordering replacement covers, within 3 days of picking up every order, in an effort to prevent being out for extended periods of time.  As a small shop, I hate seeing zeroes in the inventory as much as you hate not being able to order.  I promise you that.

    Colors will vary from order to order, but my goal is to always have white, black and red covers to offer.  If you have a color combo that you HAVE to have, fire me a request and for a little upcharge, I'll submit it and get it done as quickly as I can.  AM&E is local to me, but they are a busy bunch of cover makers and my pull is minimal, ;).

    When I posted the pictures of this current color run, I did not LOVE the stitching color variance.  The future covers will have a greater representation of the second color on the logo/oval ring.  I guess this means that this batch will be an even more rare run than originally anticipated.

    I hope that you see one that catches your eye and I look forward to updating as often as my purchasing power allows.

    Hit 'em straight and may every putt drop!

    LaMont in AZ