• PURE Grips "Classic Putter" model with MannKrafted Logo

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    Now, you can sport the MannKrafted name and 5-dot logo on your favorite putter, whether it is one that I crafted in my shop or just one that I worked on as a custom or refinish.  Heck, even if you just like what we do here at MannKrafted and want to sport the name, we are all for it.

    I have made the decision to make my standard offering for rubber grips a black PURE an doing away with  so many color choices.  It has been great being able to carry all of the colors and I have very of the colors left, if you are looking to put a few on the shelf for back-ups.  Streamlining grip choice a bit should help with the excess decision making on my end on "How many of each color?  "What colors will guys want?"  I will do special runs from time to time with PURE and am hoping to have some off the wall colors to share.  My color selection is very limited right now and I have some white and a blue or two.  I will update the inventory in the next couple of days.

    As a local company, I believe that PURE Grips have nailed the rubber putter grip and am extremely proud to offer it as my stock grip.  Look for pictures VERY soon and get 'em while they are available, the colors that is.

    I AM UPDATING THE PICTURES, ASAP, but please bear with me on this part.  The black grips are in stock and a few singles of one or two colors still can be found in the grip drawer. 


  • PURE Grips "Classic Putter" model with MannKrafted Logo
  • PURE Grips "Classic Putter" model with MannKrafted Logo

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